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Sundari Lila - Merino


Yogasjal / skjerf i 100% Merino Ull. Håndlaget i Himalaya i India.

Mål: 100 x 200 cm.

Ikke alle liker å låne ett Yoga-teppe som er brukt av andre. Nå kan du investere i ditt eget. Bygg opp din egen energi og dine personlige vibrasjoner i dette nydelige skjerfet, i 100% Merinoull, fra Esprit de l´Himalaya.

Sjalet passer til avspenning og shavasana. Når yoga-økten er over bretter du bare i to og bruker det som et skjerf.


Esprit de l´Himalaya

Esprit de l´Himalaya

At Esprit de l'Himalaya, we spend a great amount of time in the enchanted Himalayas. This has given us the rare privilege of selecting an exceptional collection of meditation shawls and yoga blankets for you. For more than ten years, we have continued offering the finest collections to our customers worldwide.

Our shawls and blankets are woven in many types of wool by the most talented local Himalayan artisans. Fine wools such as pashmina/cashmere, angora, merino, Mongolian wool, as well as more rustic fibres such as yak, are all used in the creation of our collections.

While our shawls and blankets are exceptionally beautiful and refined, they also generate employment for a large number of artisans and workers who are involved in the different steps of production. Consequently, the local economies of these communities are enriched by our creations.

The manufacturers with whom we collaborate have demonstrated that they care greatly for their workers and treat them fairly. They do not support child labour and they do their utmost to minimize the impact of their production on the environment.